Mystery Raid:RE

Server under maintenance!
We shall come back bigger than ever, soon!

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We're coming back, stronger than ever!

New dungeons, new items, new challenges!

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The Server, made for you!

We kept track of the wishes from players during the past as well as our very own mistakes to get the best out of our every step we make.

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[Soon] Eternia´s Bless

Neverath´s elite archaeologists are currently on the hunt for what they assume to be the last one of Eternia´s treasures left on this land.
However the search is not always going as planned, and more often than not are monsters making it impossible to reach what they believe to be the places where pieces of the plate must be hidden.

You, the warriors of nevareth, are the last hope for us to finally reveal the secrets of Eternia´s might!

Go, and travel through as many dungeons as you can, and maybe you will randomly find what leads to the next piece.

Eternia's Bless


We are currently implementing an account-wide task feature on the website.

By completing the tasks that are listed on the respective page in the user control panel,
you may claim a variety of rewards which will be sent directly into your cash inventory.
Elite tasks generally give more valuable rewards while they are harder and/or more time consuming to finish.

Note that regular tasks reset weekly while elite ones only reset monthly.
More tasks may come over time.


The character boost ranking has been adjusted visually, more values have been added as well.
Guild ranking adjustments as well as additional ranks are in the works right now and to be expected soon.


The website now has a shop where you can pick one of the pre-made profile cards to adjust your characters' profile style.
More cards are to be added over time from us as well as you, the community, as some creativity contests are planned to be held.


eCoins are now split into FREE & Paid eCoins.


While both can be used for your character boosts and regular shop purchases, there are some restricted offers that require a specific version of the eCoins.
Only paid eCoins can be transformed into a voucher that can then be traded.