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Reborns, Friendship System & More

The reborn system has been implemented, reset your stats using reborn coins in order to get access to new, powerful craft items!

The first every cabal online - friendship system has been released, you my now grant score to yourself and your friends by sending them flowers,
the score of the top 5 can be seen at the Fame - Ranking.

Donor Coins spent can now be seen on your account page.

Gear Score has been updated, newer gear now gives you an increased amount of gear score on the respective rankings.

Mercenary Medals have been added to both YUL's Mystery Lottery event shop in Green Despair as well as the Donor Shop in the warp center,
granting lots of new mercenaries.

Mercenaries activated on your character(s) now grant hourly rewards including Rune Gem which is needed to craft Rune Catalyst to upgrade your powerful runes!